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ODBC 2017 Internal Competitions - Current Fixtures
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Men's Competitions

William Davis Canning Cup: Men’s Championship [4 Bowls, 21 Shots

Colonel Turner Trophy: Men’s Three Woods [3 Bowls, 18 Ends]

Two Wood Trophy: Men’s Two Woods [2 Bowls, 21 Ends]
Captain Salmon Challenge Cup: Men’s Pairs [4 Bowls, 21 Ends]

Ken Worsley Trophy: Men’s Over 65s [4 Bowls, 18 Ends]
Sid Hagger Trophy: Men’s Singles [4 Bowls, 21 Shots]

Fred Mayor Handicap: Men’s Handicap4 Bowls [accumulated 21 shots]

Tom Ellis Plate: Men’s Championship Bonus [4 Bowls, 21 Shots]    


Ladies Competitions

Frank Bennett Cup: Ladies’ Championship [4 Bowls, 21 Shots]
Mary Norris Cup: Ladies’ Two Woods [2 Bowls, 21 Ends]
Major Basil Mundy Trophy: Ladies’ Pairs [4 Bowls, 21 Ends]

Presidents Trophy: Ladies Singles [4 Bowls, 21 Shots]

Audray Worsley Sapphire Trophy: Drawn Triples [2 Bowls, 18 Ends]


Mixed Competitions

Jack Drysdale Trophy: Men’s Champion v Ladies’ Champion [4 Bowls, 21 Shots]


Fred White Challenge Cup: Mixed Pairs [4 Bowls, 21 Ends]
James Ritchie Millennium Trophy Open Singles:  Men or Ladies [4 Bowls, 3 Sets]


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